Caribbean PEP and Sanctions List Screening

Trinidad and Tobago’s only online database of domestic PEPs and T & T High Court Orders for Freezing Terrorist Funds also captures other Caribbean Islands and the ISIL (Da’esh) & Al-Qaida Sanctions List.

Politically Exposed Persons (FAQs)

1. What is a PEP?

A Politically Exposed Person is someone who, through their prominent position or influence, is more susceptible to being involved in bribery or corruption.

2. Why are families and associates considered PEPs?
Due to their close proximity to the person entrusted with the prominent public office, they may be able to abuse their position to undertake corrupt activities.

3. Are political parties considered as PEPs?
No, but senior positions within these political parties can be, even if they do not hold any official positions within the seat of government.

4. How do I determine if a customer is a PEP?
Asking your customers to self-identify as being politically exposed is likely to be impractical, and the answers you get may not always be truthful. What’s more, as you can be a PEP just by being a business associate or related to someone. Many people may not even realise they are on a politically exposed persons list.